PETloop: inside outside – the circle of Plastic


4th October: Intro, finding concepts, inspiration boards
11th October: Visit of the gallery, measuring or waste-land
18th October: Excursion to Exhibition in Pilsen – how, when exactly?
25th October: Physical tests, mockups
1th November: Concept presentation
8th November: forming groups, development of the final design
15th November: development of the final design
22th November: construction of the final prototype
29th November: 2nd presentation of the final design,
6th December: 1:1 model construction
13th Decembe:1:1 model construction
20th December:1:1 model construction
2nd January: INSTALLATION party
3rd January: Vernissage in the gallery
3rd – 15th Exhibition in  the gallery Nativ
15th January DECONSTRUCTION party

Experimental studio 2016/2017 PETLoop. Where is the border between outside and inside? Clever, impressive and educative design of an indoor installation on the edge of architecture. Visualising the controversial, showing problems. The explosion of plastic, its death and its rebirth. Catastrophe or Genial invention? The final presentation and 14 day exhibition will take place at Galerie Nativ. (Picture: Aurora Robson: The Great Indoors)

Aurora Robson The Great Indoors 18 September - 26 October 2008

Aurora Robson
The Great Indoors
18 September – 26 October 2008